RenéeQ has introduced a contemporary way of wearing African wax print. Our pieces are casual chic, unique and always head-turning.

Turns Heads in a Q’dora…

Fedoras represent class, style, and sophistication…

Q’doras represent class, style, sophistication, uniqueness and attention!

Introducing the  RenéeQ’dora! (Limited Collection)


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Dress your tees!

Now available at RenéeQ

Beautiful tee dresses that will surely turn heads! 


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With Jeans & Heels and you’re an Afro Diva!!!

An addition to our Afro chic & culturally inspired line of tee shirts embellished with African wax print fabric & trimming that brings the evolution of the Afro Diva!…..YOU! ;)


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Cinch your waist!

Create a gorgeous look with our great choice of RenéeQ intuma waist belts.

These stylish belts are perfect for cinching in your outfit, creating a defined waist or giving one of your favourite outfits a whole new silhouette.

You’ve got it? Flaunt it chica!

order code - L01

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Clutch it…It’s Limited!


 I so love these!

 Big enough to carry all my ‘necessities’!

The classic ‘intuma’ clutch with a metal snap closure and detachable chain

 Limited collection… grab yours fast!


Swing it...

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Denim & Intuma Maxi Skirt

Super Stretch Denim & ‘Intuma’ (Ghanaian local name for African Print Fabric) Maxi Skirt.

 Lovely when worn with a plain vest, tee or fitted shirt.

Great thing about it is that it matches any plain colour!

Sizes Available

UK                 6    8   10   12   14   16   18
US                 4    6    8    10   12   14   16
European     36  38  40   42   44   46   48

Order Code - RQDIS

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Become a Warrior of Style!

So unfortunately nobody guessed correctly on my last ‘Facebook Quiz’. Yet still, many interesting guesses – Jeans Kouture, Jeans knickers (gosh!), Juniors & Kids (thanks for the inspiration), Just Kaba (hilarious!!!) but no….    

    RenéeQ JayK stands for ‘Jokoto‘:D

‘…and where did this come from?’

These shorts are also known as ‘Jokoto’ in Ghana but after further research I learnt that the ‘Jokoto’ swords (hmmm…sounds like shorts) were traditionally used by the Japanese Sumarai who used to wear shorts like this and were supposed to lead their lives according to the ethic code of bushido – “the way of the warrior”

I’ve reinvented this look using African print and hereby proclaim any fashionista who rocks this as a ‘Style Warrior’ who’ll be setting trends for others to follow :D

 A major attribute of having style is being able to wear one thing in different ways.

Here are fun ways to Rock your JayK…

Become a warrior of style ;)

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